Overview of FatStax Web

FatStax Web provides FatStax users access to the same content that is available on their iPad from any device that has internet access: Desktop, tablet or Smart Phone. With much of the same functionality that iPad users enjoy, you can view Resources and share a single item or multiple items with customers. FatStax Web makes it easy for non-iPad devices!

1. Logging In

Simply go to the url provided by your administrator (www.xxx.com) and login using the same user name and password as your iPad app. Once logged in, you will see a list of all the Catalogs you have access to. Select one to start working.

2. Navigation Sidebar

After selecting a Catalog: there is a Navigation Sidebar and either the Home page or the Categories page.  On smaller screens, such as your smart phone, the sidebar will be hidden and slides out when you tap the top left corner. On larger screens, it will always be shown on the left side.

Navigation Sidebar

3. Working with Categories and Items

Like the iPad app, your products or items are organized in Parent Categories and Child Categories. Drill down into the Categories by tapping/clicking on the Category and Subcategories to see the items.

4. Working with Products and items

A list of Products or items will show once you drill down into each child category. From there you can do 1 of 5 actions.

1. Tap on the Name to show the Details on your screen

2. Add the item to a Stack

3. Share that single item with a prospect or customer

4. View the Resource

5. Download the Resource

5. Product or Item Pages

A Product or Item is different than a Resource file (step 10).

Shown is a Product with a SKU/Price box (1) as well as descriptive information (2) and an image if available.

In addition are Action buttons to Add this to a Stack, Share this single item, or view the Website page on your company's site which may contain more information (3).

6. Sharing information with Stacks or Single item

Since FatStax Web is available from virtually every browser, FatStax Web automatically creates a web page that contains all the items you designate and provides you a custom web link to send. You simply copy that link and paste into your regular email and then send it. The recipients will click on that link and be able to see that page on their own device.

If you have a downloaded email client (Outlook, Apple Mail...), you can have an email auto generate. Check the box "Launch Email on Send" to have the email automatically be created.

7. The Contact Page

Regardless if you share a Stack, Single Item, or Resource, you will see the "Share" form. This enables you to add contact information, email address, and a message, as well as, accessing the link you will need to copy.

1. Add the Contact Information- this becomes the name of your Stack and enables you to know who has viewed the link after sending.

2. Stack URL (whether it is a single item stack or multiple items) is a custom link that you will copy and paste in to your email.

3. You can Preview what the page will look like when the recipient opens it on their browser.

4. Save this information when complete.

5. Expand to view the autogenerated email.

6. Check to have the autogenerated email option enabled.

8. Autogenerated Email

If you use a downloaded email client (Outlook, Apple Mail....), check the box associated with "Launch email on Send" to have an autogenerated email open. Select "Less Detail" (screen shot above) to view the email that will be populated. Make edits to the email and then select "Send/Save" for the email to open.

Autogenerated Email

9. The Shared Page

The Shared Page is what the prospect or customer will see when they click on the URL you sent.

1. Items Sent - the List of items sent. Especially helpful for multiple items so that when tapped on, they can go right to that product and not have to scroll.

2. The message from the Contact page.

3. The item name and descriptive information. if there are multiple items, they will appear in sequence on the same page.

4. SKU and Price box - if the item contains that information. If it does not, then the box will not appear. If the item has multiple SKUs, then they will all appear in this area.

10. Resource Library

The Resource Library is simply a list of the files you have access to. These are the PDFs, Videos, Powerpoints, etc.

1. Tap on the name to open the Detail page with more information

2. Add it directly to a Stack with multiple items.

3. Share just this item in a Single Item Stack.

The files may also be organized into folders. You can drill down into each folder by tapping on it to view the files included.

11. Resource Detail Page

When you tap on an individual Resource file, you will see the details as well as other options.

1. Tap on the image to view the file or play a video.

2. Action area includes Sharing, View the file, and Download the file.

3. Linked items are the list of products or items that are associated with this file. This is handy if you also want to view or add related items to a stack.

12. Searching in FatStax Web

The Search box is always showing either on the left top of the Navigation panel (on large screens) or at the top (on smaller screens).

Search searchs for all the information in both the products or items section as well as the Resources Library and presents the results in those 2 sections.

1. The Items section will show the number of results, show the top 5 results.

2. Tap the View All button to see the entire list of Item Search Results

3,4. The Resources section will show a thumbnail image of the top 5 matches and the View All Resource Matches button.

Tap an item or Resource to open up the Detail Page for that item.