What can I do after I perform a search?

Searching is a quick and easy way to find the information that is most important to you. You can search through all of the Pages and Resources in just a few seconds. There are a number of features that are available after you find the information that you are looking for from a search.

1. Search page layout

After you perform a search, all Pages and Resources that meet your search criteria will appear. The Pages are located at the top of the page and the Resources are located below.

2. Viewing documents

You can view any PDF, PPTs, Word, Excel or other document types quickly by selecting "View"

3. Downloading documents

You can download any document to your device. This will allow you to make any modifications that you would like, if the document formatting permits.

4. Viewing Pages

Click on the name of the page that you would like to view.


5. Adding a Page or Resource to a Stack

Add any Page or Resource to an already existing Stack or create a new Stack to add the Page or Resource.

6. Send a Page or Resource in an email

Generate an URL to email the customer the necessary information or use the auto generated email to send the customer the necessary information.