How do I add multiple contacts to a Stack?

When sending a Stack on the Web, you have copy the Public Link and send the link to your customer in an you craft. If you have a downloaded email service, like Outlook, you can write the email within FatStax Web first and the email will open within Outlook for you to send.

For more information regarding emailing a Stack on the web, read "How do I send a Stack?" help article.

1. Click the envelope icon

2. Click "Add Contact"

3. Input your customer/prospect's information

4. Scroll down and uncheck "Launch email on save" (1) and click "Save" (2)

5. To send to more than one person, click "Add Contact"

6. Input your customer/prospect's contact information

7. Scroll down and uncheck "Launch email on save" (1) and click "Save" (2)

8. Continue to add all Contacts by tapping "Add Contact"

9. After all contacts have been added, copy the Public Link and paste the link in a email to send to your contacts

Stacks on the Web are accessed by your contacts via the Public Link. Send the Public Link to your contacts for them to access the customizable web page.