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How do I create a Shared Stack? (Admins or permitted users only)

FatStax Administrators or other authorized users (assigned by the Admins) have the ability to create a Stack and share the Stack with other users. You can assign which users are able to recieve the Stack within the Share w/Me Category in Stacks on their device or desktop.

Shared Stacks enable Marketing and other assigned persons (Inside Sales Manager as an example) to build a recommended or helpful collection of items and then make that available to other users of that catalog. Some common uses are for new product launches or promotional information so that each individual does not have to create their own Stack.

Shared Stacks need to first be created as a Working Stack which can be completed on any device, but are Shared within the Web version of Stacks.

Just follow the instructions to easily create and distribute Shared Stacks:

Create a Working Stack

Locate your Stack within the Web version

Name your Shared Stack

Share the Stack

Select which Users view the Shared Stack

Locating your Shared Stack

Sending a Message

1. Create a Working Stack on the Web Sales Portal with all items that need to be Shared on the iPad, iPhone, or web

You can only Share a Stack from the FatStax Web Sales Portal. However, since Stacks are synced across all devices, you can actually create a working Stack on the iPad, iPhone, or Web that includes everything that needs to be shared first.

If you are using the iPad or iPhone to create the Stack first, then the device will have to connect to the internet for the Stack to be synced to the Web version before sharing the Stack (this happens automatically when you connect).

For directions on how to add items to a Stack, select which device you are going to use to create the Stack.


In the example below, the Stack was created on the iPhone and synced automatically to the web version.

2. If Stack is created outside of the web version - log into the web version of FatStax

2.1. For Admins - click the "View in FatStax Web"

2.2. For authorized users - you are automatically taken to the web version

Your Catalog name and Categories are different than the image below.

3. Click "Stacks" within the left side panel

4. Locate the Stack that you wish to share and click the More menu

5. Ensure the name of the Stack is something easily recognizable to your team of the purpose of the Stack

5.1. To modify the name of the Stack, click the pencil icon next to the name

5.2. Type in the new name and click "Done'

6. Select "Share with Team"

7. Select the users that you want to share this Stack with.

You can choose individual user names or all users with the chosen profile field. The distribution list is created with OR logic, not AND logic.

Example: You have President selected for Position and East Coast selected for Region. A user who only has to meet one of those two requirements to be added. Any user that has the Region of East Coast will have access to the Stack regardless if they have the Position of President.

If these fields are not populated within your user list and you would like to update the fields, please contact support@fatstax.com for assistance.

7.1. Names

A drop down appears with all the user names that have access to the Catalog. Select which users should have access to the Stack.

In the example, George Washington has access to the Shared Stack.

7.2. Selecting users by using Profile Fields

There are available Profile fields that can be used to designate groups of users. Only Admins have the ability to update these fields currently within CloudStax.

If populated, a drop down appears with all the available tags for that field based on the users within the Catalog. Select specific tags for any field to receive the Stack.

In the example, all users that have the position of President have access to the Shared Stack.

8. Once all users fields have been selected that should have access to the Stack, click "Share"

All users that met the criteria for Sharing will be able to see the Stack within their Shared w/Me Category of their Stacks on the iPhone, iPad, or Web version.

9. The Shared Stack that you created and manage is located within the Shared Category

Once you Share a Stack, you can update the items within the Stack and the changes will also reflect in the Shared with Me Stack list all users that have access to that Stack. You can also change the Distribution List by adding or deleting users. The Shared Stack will be added or removed for those users.

If you share a Sent Stack - the Stack is shown within the Sent and Shared Categories.
If you share a Saved Stack - the Stack is shown within the Saved and Shared Categories.
If you share a Working Stack - the Stack is moved to the Saved Category and is showed within Shared Category.

10. Messaging about the Shared Stack

You can send a FatStax Message to your users when a new Stack has been shared with them and have a hyperlink within the app that will direct them to the new Stack.

Currently within this version, all Catalog users receive all messages sent for that Catalog. As a workaround, since right now everyone will receive the message, just include the name of the Stack and description or which group its for in the message.

Only Administrators can send a message via Messages. Regular users authorized to share Stacks are not able to send a Message through the app currently.

You can either highlight the link and copy or click the "copy" button.

10.2. Click "Return to Editor"

Only FatStax Administrators will see the "Return to Editor" button.

10.3. Click on the "Messages" tab

10.4. Click "Add Message"

10.5. Select which type of message you would like to use: Text or Text with Image

10.6. Input the Title of the message

We recommend that you indicate who the message is intended for based on who has the Stack shared with them either within the Title or Short Description field.

10.7. Input your Short Description - if desired

You do not need to have a short description to send the message.

10.8. Image section - if Text with Image is selected

Input your image, the image should be 120 x 120, and the image title. Input a short description, if desired.

10.9. Enter in your text

10.12. Determine your Message category, Publish at date, and Expires at date and click "Save Changes"