How do I sync a new or updated Catalog?

This describes the process to sync or update a catalog in FatStax for iPhone.

1. Two types of notifications informing a newer version is available

1.1. Pop-up notification

Once a day per Catalog, a notification will appear if there is a newer version of the Catalog available.

Tap "Install Now" to start the syncing process.

1.2. Red number associated to "My Catalogs" and the menu icon

2. Installing a newer version from the Menu

These are the steps to install a newer Catalog from the Menu

2.1. Tap on the Menu icon

2.2. Tap "Offline Status"

2.3. Tap "Sync Now"

If there is a newer version available, Sync Now is red.

When syncing ensure your phone does not go to sleep, the app is running, and you have a strong WiFi connection. Plug your device into charge and your phone won't go to sleep.

If you are not connected to WiFi, FatStax will use your data. To learn how to block FatStax from using your data, click here.

2.4. A download progress bar appears

This screen will close on it's own. Tap "Cancel" to stop the download process.

3. Viewing progress of the download process

3.1. Tap the Menu icon to view the download progress

3.2. Tap "Offline Status"

3.3. Offline Assets displays where the Catalog is at in the download process

3.4. A green check mark indicates the Catalog is fully synced and able to take offline