Why can't I view a Resource?

Resources are not automatically downloaded to your Android device so you can manage the device's memory more effectively. If you can't view or open a Resource on your device, you need to download that Resource. There are two ways to determine if a Resource has been downloaded.

1. Cloud-available icon

If the Resource has a Cloud icon with a downward arrow then the Resource has not been downloaded. This means it's stored in the Cloud and you have access to it but you haven't downloaded it yet.

Cloud-available icon

2. File Not Yet Downloaded

If you tap on a Resource that has not been downloaded, you will receive a notification saying "File Not Yet Downloaded".

File Not Yet Downloaded

3. Download the Resource File

If your device is connected to WiFi or data, then you can download Resource files. Tap the Download button or the Cloud-available icon to download.

For more detail, view this article linked below.

Full Resource download instructions