How do I find my Resources?

Resources can be found within the Menu section. Resources are not automatically downloaded to your device and are not available for offline viewing until specified.

1. Tap on Menu

Menu is the 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner

Tap on Menu

2. Tap on Resources

Tap on Resources

3. All Resource Cards are displayed

Resource Cards display a thumbnail, the name of the Resource, and its file type

All Resource Cards are displayed

3.1. Cloud icons

1 - Cloud with check mark: Resource has been downloaded and is ready for offline use

2 - Cloud with downward arrow: Resource has not been downloaded and is not ready for offline use

Cloud icons

3.2. Star

The star icon indicates if that Resource has been added to Favorites.

1. Filled in Star - the Resource is located within the Favorites Category

2. Star Outline - the Resource is not located within the Favorites

Tap on the start outline to add a Resource to Favorites.


3.3. Envelope

Tap the envelope icon to send the Resource via email.


3.4. Share

Share is the sideways triangle. Tap on the share icon to show more options. This includes the option to send the Resource via text message. All Resources are sent as links.


4. Two tabs to view Resources: Cloud and Device

Cloud: Cloud shows all Resources

Device: Device shows only Resources that have been downloaded to that device

Two tabs to view Resources: Cloud and Device

5. Menu

The Resources Menu, 3 dots in upper right corner, allows you to download all Resources or defer all Resources. Defer all Resources will remove all downloaded resources fromthat device and prevent them from being synced again until specified.