How do I create a Resource Page for a Resource?

This article describes using the built-in function within CloudStax to create a Resource page that can be seen within the iPad app.  

A Resource page is a FatStax page that describes that piece of collateral. The page only contains information and images about that Resource, not any of the items it is associated with. If users want to review and send just the Resource to a customer, this is an easy way to share it with the customer or add it to a Stack for sending.

1. Resource Page Example from FatStax

2. Select your catalog within CloudStax and navigate to the Resources tab

3. Click onto the name of a Resource to pull up the Resource information

4. Click "Create Resource Page"

5. Specify the Page information and select "Save Changes"

1. Parent and Child Category can be existing or new categories. Start typing to activate a drop-down list of existing categories or type in new categories. Additional Category fields options will appear.

2. The Name field is automatically generated by the name of the Resource. It can be kept as default or type to specify a different name.

3. The Description field is automatically generated with HTML code to display a thumbnail image of the resource. It is not recommended to make edits to this field.

4. Click "Save Changes" when completed

6. Review your Page and "Publish Live" to push change to end users

7. FatStax users will see the new page in their Catalog the next time they sync