How do I link Resources to Pages, Categories and Sub-Categories?

Linking Resources to specific items in FatStax makes it much simpler for users to access any collateral associated with an item or Category with one tap. Having the collateral on the same Page eliminates the need to do an extra search losing valuable sales time and providing a better customer experience. You can link several Resources to the same Page or Category.

You can link Resources to Pages, Categories, and Sub-Categories from 2 different locations:

1. Start with the Resource and then associate Pages or Categories

2. Start with the Pages or Categories and then associate a specific Resource

1. Starting with the Resource file

Double-click on the icon to open the page or on the name of the Resource if viewing in grid.

2. Select the Resource you want to link

1. Use the Categories field to link the Resource to a Category or Sub-Category. The Resource will show on every Page within that Category or Sub-Category.

2. Use the Pages field to link the Resource to a Page. This will not input the thumbnail onto the Page.

Once you start typing, an existing Category or Page will appear.

1.5. The Category, Sub-Category, or Page will display on screen, meaning it is linked to the Resource

Note: You can link multiple Categories, Sub-Categories, and Pages to one Resource.

In this example, the Resource is linked to the Sub-Category "CloudStax" found within the Category How To Videos (1), the Category "CloudStax Guides" (2), and the Page "CloudStax Release Notes" (3).

2. Linking from the Page, Category, or Sub-Category

Use the breadcrumb at the top of the page to ensure you are working within the correct section. (2)

2.3. Select the Resources tab

2.4. Start typing in the name of the Resource

Once you start typing, all Resources matching your search term will appear. Select the correct Resource.

2.5. The Resource will display on screen, meaning it is linked to the page

Note: You can link multiple Resources to a Page, Category, or Sub-Category. Continue typing in names to add more.

2.6. Linking Resources to Categories or Sub-Categories is the same process as for Pages

Navigate to the Category or Sub-Category and select the Resources tab.

Caution: Be aware of your Category/Sub-Category location. This will link the Resource to all Pages within the Category or Sub-Category.

Example of FatStax Page with linked Resource

If there are multiple Resources linked to a page, then a note appears on the right side of the Resource Bar that users can tap to see the entire list.