How do I prevent a resource from being sent from FatStax?

With FatStax, you can prevent Resources from being sent via email by users. This is helpful for many situations where you want users to view and present the Resource but do not want the file shared with customers.

1. In CloudStax, go to the Resource tab

2. Click "Edit" for the Resource

4. On the iPad, the Resource will be marked as "Media is Private"

To locate this information:

  1. Tap "Resources" in lower left corner
  2. Tap the "Manage" tab
  3. Tap on the name of the Resource to expand the settings
On the iPad, the Resource will be marked as Private in the Manage resources tab

5. Any URLs for that Resource are removed from emails sent within FatStax

All Resources in FatStax are sent via a link embedded within the email and not as attachments. In the image below, there is no link for the Resource to be downloaded since the Resource is set to secure.

Any URLs for that Resource are removed from all emails sent to customers.

6. To unsecure a Resource - complete steps 1 and 2

6.1. Select "No" for the secure option and click "Save Changes"

7. Note: Some secured Resources can be opened by other apps and shared outside of FatStax

Except for PDFs and HTML5 documents, other Resources marked as Private in FatStax can possibly be opened in other apps due to Apple's Share feature.  This enables users to open non-PDF Resources in other apps such as Good Reader and then email outside of FatStax.

It is a default feature for Apple that is very useful in many cases. However, administrators should be aware of that non-secure capability.