How do I add a Page via the CloudStax UI?

This article will demonstrate how to add a Page through the web browser in CloudStax Content Manager. You can also add a page via excel or csv file import.

1. Select your catalog within CloudStax and navigate to the Pages tab

Select your catalog within CloudStax and navigate to the Pages tab

2. Select Add a Page

3. Complete the Page information and Save Changes

1. & 2. Add the names of the Parent and Child Categories. These can be existing or new category names. Start typing to activate a drop-down list of existing categories or type in a new category.

3. Add the Name of the Page. This will display at the top of the Page and in the left navigation panel in the FatStax app. Generally, this is the name of the Product or Resource.

4. Add the Description or content of the Page. This is the main body of the page and contains all the detail information. You can add plain text or HTML.

5. Add a Web URL for easy access to a specific webpage. This is the URL that will open when tapping the "View Webpage" button in the FatStax app.

6. Click the "Add SKU" button to add SKU, Size, and Price information for a Product (if applicable).

7. Click the "Add Property" button to access additional fields where you can input more content for the page (similar to the Description field). For more on this, see What are Property fields for when creating or editing a Page?.

8. Click the "Save Changes" when finished to create and add the page to the catalog.


4. Review the Page and select Publish Live

All the changes made will be pushed to your catalog in the FatStax app. An updated version of the catalog will be available to FatStax users.