What types of Resources or Files work with FatStax?

We call Resources any marketing or sales collateral file that you can download and access offline in the iPad app. This includes PDFs, Microsoft Office files, Apple iWork files, videos, HTML5 files, image, and drawing files.

File types and icons

You can determine the type of file within FatStax by seeing the icons or by seeing the file extension (the 3 letters at the end of the file name). These icons are shown by default but can be replaced by thumbnail images of the files themselves.


Videos (mp4)

Microsoft Office (.ppt and .pptx, .doc and .docx, .xls and .xlsx)

Images (.jpg, .png, .gif)


Apple iWork (Keynote, Pages, Numbers)

Drawing Files (.dwg, .sldprt, edrw, .easm) - Downloadable with FatStax and open in a different App such as AutoCAD 360 or eDrawings Pro

File types and icons

See Resources in FatStax

The Resources Library enables users to see which files are available and which ones have not yet downloaded. Simply tap the Resources Button at the bottom of the main screen in FatStax to access the list.