How do you add Headers and Footer images to the email Template?

This article describes how to add a image to the header or footer section of emails when sending emails. You will need to have a physical copy of the image stored on your computer or a URL link to the image on the Web.

For best practices, please re-size the image on your computer before uploading to CloudStax. It is best to keep the image to a 3:1 width to height ratio. We don't suggest using an image greater than 600px in width or 200px in height.

changing the html default to go to a link on their web page instead of to the images.

1. Select your catalog within CloudStax and navigate to the Resources tab

Select your catalog within CloudStax and navigate to the Resources tab

2. Upload your header or footer image to the Resources section in CloudStax

For more on this, see How do I add a Resource file to CloudStax?

3. Find the image file you just uploaded, Click Edit, and Select the "Do Not Download" Option

This will prevent the Resource from showing in the App Resource Library, since we only want to show it in emails.

For more on this, see How do I upload a resource but not have it show in the FatStax App?

5. Highlight the Thumbnail IMG Code field and copy the Code

Navigate to the Settings tab of your catalog

7. Under Settings, navigate to the Email tab

8. Under Email, paste the Thumbnail IMG Code into the Email Header or Footer fields

To paste:

Mac: Command+p

PC: Control+p

Note: For this example, we added the IMG Code to the Footer field because we are adding a footer image. Use the Email Header field instead, if you are adding a Header.

9. Select Save and Publish > Publish Live

This will push the changes to your live catalog in the FatStax App.

10. Re-sync your catalog within The FatStax App

Please wait for the publish to finish. A catalog re-sync will appear in red text under Settings when the new sync is available.

For more on syncing a catalog, go to How do I sync a new or updated catalog in FatStax?

11. Review the email template for appearance within the FatStax app.

The footer image will always appear above the signature set up for the iPad email.