What are Property fields for when creating or editing a Page?


The Properties section contains additional fields used to add page content, similar to the "Description" field. These fields provide a simplified way of adding content to the page template that shows in FatStax.

These can be helpful fields to use for someone who is adding plain text content, but doesn't know how to format with HTML. HTML can be used with these fields; however if your content is just plain text (no images, tables, lists, etc), then HTML is not required. Currently, these fields can only be used with pages that contain a SKU. If the page does not contain a SKU, then the content in those fields will not show on the page in the App.

Enable the Property Fields

To access the Property fields, click on the blue, "Add Property" button. You will see 2 new fields show: "Property 1 Name" and "Property 1 Value". These are the fields used to add content. Each product can have a total of 10 Properties. Clicking on "Add Property" button again, will display another set of fields and it continues up to 10.

How the Property fields work

Each property is broken up into a header section and a information section - respectively "Name" and "Value". Any text placed in the "Property Name" field will show as a header with bold and strong lettering. Any text placed in the "Property Value" field will simply show as a paragraph.

You can also add Property fields to items via importing a Catalog file