How do I add Video to FatStax so that it is viewable offline?

Video files are just like any other Resource files in that they can be uploaded to CloudStax and then downloaded to FatStax.  

The video file must be saved and uploaded as a .mp4 format in order for it to display in FatStax.

It works just like any other Resource file that you would view in FatStax, such as PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. To see a full list of acceptable resource files see What Resource Types are Allowed in FatStax.

1. Save the video file as an .mp4 format file

This is the file format that works with iPad and iPhones and with FatStax.  There are many simple conversion programs that will convert non-mp4 formats.

Otherwise, we can help convert the files. Just contact us.

2. Upload the file as a Resource

3. Select the options for the Resource

If wanted, you can change the name, add keywords and manage the priority when your users are downloading. Many administrators select the download option as lower priority since many of the video files are large. It can take a few minutes to download them via WiFi connection.

4. We recommend adding a Thumbnail image for the video Resource

Unlike PDFs where a thumbnail image is automatically generated and associated with the file, Videos show a default film icon. However, you can upload an image that will show as a thumbnail for users in FatStax.

Read How do I change the thumbnail image of a Resource?

5. Your FatStax users will be able to download the video file for offline viewing