What is a SKU Item?

There are two types of Items in that you can display in FatStax - a SKU Item or a non-SKU Item. A SKU Item in FatStax is an Item with a unique identification or product number. Depending on the types of products or services your company offers, you may have identification numbers that uniquely identify your products or Items.

The FatStax App offers a specific field to input these unique identifiers or "SKUs". They will display on a Page for the Item and provide a way to uniquely interact with this field. For example, the SKU numbers can be specifically searched for to easily identify and view in your catalog. Also, Size and Price information can be added along side the SKU (see the SKU table in the image below).

SKUs act as a unique identifier in a catalog, so no two SKUs can be the same value. This provides an easy way to update and maintain product information, as well as having a unique identifier when reading analtyics data about App performance.

Example of an Item with SKU numbers

Adding or Editing SKU information in CloudStax

1. Clicking Edit on an existing Page to open the Edit Form.  You can add a new item page and add SKUs to the field form.

2. The SKU fields will be listed towards the bottom-right of the form. Here is where you maintain and update the information.

Once edited or added, Publish your catalog to make the changes available to the iPad