How do I prevent a resource from showing in or downloading to FatStax?

This article explains the optional setting so that specific Resources do not download to FatStax.

After uploading a Resource to CloudStax, by default the Resource will download to your FatStax Catalog and show in the Resources Library. However, not all Resources have to be downloaded to your Catalog. Sometimes Resources are uploaded to CloudStax to for administrators only. For example, the branding images for a Catalog can be uploaded as a Resource yet only shown on the Branding page or as email headers and footers - instead of having them show in the Resource Library.

After you upload a Resource, there is a Do Not Download option that prevents the file from downloading as a normal Resource.

For more information on uploading a Resource, see How do I upload a Resource file to CloudStax?

2. Locate the Resource and click "Edit"

Locate the Resource and select the Edit button

3. In the Priority pull down list, change the Resource priority to "Do Not Download" (1) and click "Save Changes" (2)

For more information on Resource priority, go to What is the Priority option when editing a Resource?

4. Check that the Priority is correct on the Resource information page

5. Open the FatStax App on your iPad and re-sync the Resources

The Resource will be removed from the Resource Library and no longer show within the App. Users will no longer see the Resource when FatStax syncs Resources.

The Do Not Download option does not prevent Branding Page Images or email header or footer images from showing in FatStax in the correct fields.

For more information on syncing resources, see How do I sync resources?