How do I add an image to the Catalog Branding Page?

This article describes the Catalog Branding Page and how to add one to FatStax. The Catalog Branding Page is the first page you see when you download a catalog. It's also the page you see when you go from an Item Page back to Categories. Each Catalog can have its own Branding Page so if you have several catalogs you manage, you can try different images.

You have the option to add an image to this page to enhance the branding appeal of your catalog. The image must be a PNG image with a width of 960 pixels and height of 835 pixels.

Branding Page Example

Branding Page Example

1. Select your catalog within CloudStax and navigate to the Resources tab

1. Select your catalog within CloudStax and navigate to the Resources tab

2. Upload your Branding Page .png image to the Resources section in CloudStax

You will load the image file into the Resources section of your catalog. For more on this, see How do I add a Resource file to CloudStax?

3. Find the image you just uploaded, Click Edit ,and then Select the "Do Not Download" option.

This will prevent the Resource from showing in the App Resource Library within the iPad app, since we only want to show it on the Branding Page.

For more on this, see url How do I upload a resource but not have it show in the FatStax App?

4. Navigate to the Resource information page, and select the "Show options" link under Sharing

This will show a list of handy links and code for sharing the Resource.

5. Highlight the IMG Code field and copy the Code

To copy:

Mac: Command+c

PC: Control+c

(IMG Code field to be added (youtrack issue). Add image once ready.)

6. Navigate to the Settings tab of your catalog

6. Navigate to the Settings tab of your catalog

7. Under Settings, navigate to the Branding tab

8. Under Branding, paste the IMG Code into the iPad Branding Page HTML field

9. Select Save and Publish > Publish Live

This will push the changes to your live catalog in the FatStax App.

10. Re-sync your catalog on the iPad FatStax App

Please wait for the publish to finish. A catalog re-sync will appear in red text under Settings when the new sync is available.

For more on syncing a catalog, go to How do I sync a new or updated catalog in FatStax?


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