What is the Priority option when editing a Resource?

The Priority selection specifies the order in which Resources download to the FatStax App. Resources with a higher Priority will download before Resources with a lower Priority and vice versa.  This can be useful when there are many Resources in your Catalog. You may want to download the most important ones first.

The Priority is as follows:

  • Do Not Download - Resource will not download or show in the App. Resource can be used for branding and images on a Page.
  • Low - Resource downloads last, after Normal Resources.
  • Normal - Selected by default; Resource downloads before Low Resources and after High Resources.
  • High - Resource downloads before Normal Resources and after Required Resources.
  • Required - Resource downloads first, before High Resources.

To change a Resource's Priority, follow these steps:

2. Locate the Resource and click "Edit"

3. Select the Priority of the Resource and click "Save Changes"

For this example, we are changing the Priority to "Do Not Download".

4. Check that the Priority is correct on the Resource information page

The download Priority will now be reflected in the App when you sync Resources

For more information on syncing resources, see How do I sync resources?