FatStax Support SiteCloudStax Studio Content Manager (Administrators Only) Working with Pages and ContentHow do I create personal information cards in FatStax for my sales team?

How do I create personal information cards in FatStax for my sales team?

1. Example Page with Contact Information

Example Page with Contact Information

2. In CloudStax, Create a Parent Category and Sub-category for the information card Page

3. Create a new Page and name it with the person's name

4. In the Description Box, paste the following HTML code

<img style="float:right; margin:0 10px 10px 10px; width:220px;" src="http://m.c.lnkd.licdn.com/media/p/1/000/1a5/225/038ebf1.jpg"><h2>Rusty Bishop - VP Sales</h2>

<p>Dr. Bishop co-founded FatStax in 2010 and has held the position of Chief Sales Officer since that time.</p>

<p>Living near the California coast means Rusty takes full advantage of the ocean (wouldn’t you?). Surfing and roadbiking are his prime relaxation activities.</p>

<h2>Connect with Rusty</h2>

<p>email: <a href="maileto:youremailaddress">rusty@fatstax.com</a></p>

<p>phone: 619.548.5129</p>

<p><a href="http://www.linkedin.com/in/rustybishop"><img src="https://fatstaxsalescatalog.fatstaxapp.com/m/10459" width="160" height="33" border="0"></a></p>


5. Edit the following text for each individual

  1. The Person’s Image - highlighted in green. This is an example pulled straight from LinkedIn. Any URL based image will work or you can upload to CloudStax
  2. The person Name and/or Title - highlighted in teal
  3. The person’s blurb or a bit about them. - highlighted in red. Notice how we use <p> to push text to the next line.
  4. The person email address with link - highlighted in purple
  5. The person phone - highlighted in yellow.
  6. Optional - LinkedIn Address- highlighted in darker blue
  7. Hit Save and your done!


6. Publish a new catalog

This will enable all your users to get pages with the new information in them.


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