How do I copy all the Resources from one Catalog to another?

You can copy all the Resources from one Catalog to another Catalog.

You can also copy a subset of Resources from one Catalog to another (See step 4.1)

If you are interested in copying a single Resource from one Catalog to another, see How do I copy a single Resource from one Catalog to another?

1. Log in to CloudStax and select the Catalog that contains the Resources to copy

3. Hover over "Export Data" (1) and select "Complete Resource List" (2)

Exporting the Resource List will generate a CSV file with all the Resource data contained within your Catalog Resources.

Select Export Resource List

4. Save the CSV file to your computer

4.1. To import a subset of Resources

Open the CSV file with a spreadsheet viewer and delete the complete rows of Resources that you do not need.

Save the file when finished.

5. Select Catalogs to navigate back to your Catalog List

6. Select the Catalog that you want to add the Resource

8. Hover over "Import" (1) and select "New Import" (2)

Importing Resources via CSV will allow you to select a Media CSV file for uploading. CloudStax will then take this file and process all the Resource Data contained within it. It will look up the location of the Resource from the previous Catalog and add it to the new Catalog.

Select Import Resources via CSV

9. Click "Browse" and select your file. (1) After the file is selected, click "Upload and Process" (2)

10. Please wait while the Resources import and process

Refresh the page to see the progress of the upload process.

11. All of the Resources from the spreadsheet will be imported and Resource Pages can then be created.

Only the PDFs and Image files will have a custom thumbnails. Read How do I change the thumbnail image of a Resource? to learn how to update thumbnails

You can mass create Resource Pages via an import. Click here to read the article or click here to watch a video.