How do I copy a single Resource from one Catalog to another?

Please use the steps below if you want to copy a single Resource from one Catalog to another.

If you are interested in copying all the Resources or a subset of Resources from one Catalog to another, see How do I copy all Resources from one Catalog to another?

1. Log in to CloudStax and select the Catalog that contains the Resource to copy

3. Click into the Resource you wish to copy

This will expand some fields containing links for sharing.

Under Sharing, select the "Show options" link

5. Select Catalogs to navigate back to your Catalog List

6. Select the Catalog that you want to add the Resource

8. Click "Web Urls"

Paste the Resource Link, that you previously copied, into the Hosted Files field and select Add Hosted Files

9. Paste the URL and click "Add Hosted Files"

10. The Resource will begin to import and process

Please wait while the import processes. You can refresh the page to see once the import is complete. Most Resources will display an image when they are complete.

11. Once the Resource is full uploaded you can create Resource Pages

Only the PDFs and Image files will have a custom thumbnails. ReadHow do I change the thumbnail image of a Resource? to learn how to update thumbnails.