How do I change the thumbnail image of a Resource?

You can add a thumbnail image for a Resource file so that it will show up in the iPad app as well as in CloudStax.  When you import PDFs and images, a default thumbnail image is automatically created. We recommend adding a custom thumbnail for all other files.

1. Select your catalog within CloudStax and navigate to the Resources tab

2. Find the Resource whose thumbnail you want to change and click "Edit"

3. Select the "Update" button for the Thumbnail

This is the first update button the page.

4. Click "Browse"

Note: The size of the new thumbnail file must be 4GB or less and be a PNG or JPG file.

6. Select Upload Replacement

7. Please wait a moment while the thumbnail updates

8. Refresh the page to see the new thumbnail

Once the thumbnail has finished uploading, the image will display in the window on the right of the page.

The new thumbnail is now available to view in your catalog.