How do I add a Resource file from a hosted URL to CloudStax?

Often times, Resource files can be found on the Web and accessed via a Web browser. Unlike the files you have saved on your computer, these files are being hosted on a website or a server. Each file will have a unique URL that points to the location of file and is used to access the file. With this URL, CloudStax can locate the Resource and upload it to your catalog automatically, without you having to manually upload it yourself. Follow the steps below to learn how.

Here are some URL examples of Resources hosted on the web:

1. Locate the Resource file you want to add and Copy the URL of the Resource

Use your Web browser and navigate to the hosted Resource file. Highlight the URL that appears in the address bar. This is the exact URL location of the Resource. Copy the URL.

To Copy:   Mac: Command + C or PC: Control + C

4. Click "Web Urls"

Paste the Resource Link, that you previously copied, into the Hosted Files field and select Add Hosted Files

5. Paste the URL and click "Add Hosted Files"

6. The Resource will begin to import and process

Please wait while the import processes. You can refresh the page to see once the import is complete. Most Resources will display an image when they are complete.

7. Once the Resource is full uploaded you can create Resource Pages

Only the PDFs and Image files will have a custom thumbnails. ReadHow do I change the thumbnail image of a Resource? to learn how to update thumbnails.