Organizing Resources with folders

Resources in CloudStax can be organized and placed into folders and sub-folders, in order to group similar Resources together and locate them easier.

It's important to realize that the folder structure of Resources in CloudStax is strictly for organizing and working with them in CloudStax and has no effect on the way they display or are categorized in the FatStax iPad App. Folder structure is completely ignored in the FatStax App.

Follow these steps to learn how to:

1. Create folders

2. Assign resources to folders

3. Edit Folders

4. Delete folders.

1. Creating a Folder

1.1. On the Resources Tab, select Add Folder

1.2. Enter in the Name for the Folder, select which Parent Folder to place the new Folder in, then select Save Changes

By default the Home folder is selected as the Parent Folder when adding a new Folder. This is the main and highest level directory. If you have other Folders created you can select to add the new Folder nested into one of those.

1.3. The new Folder will be added to the Resources section

The Folders can be accessed from the icons on the main screen or via the Folders quick-link menu on the left

2. Assign resources to folders

2.1. On the Resources tab, check the box associated with Resource/s that you want to move and select Move

2.2. Select the Folder you want to move the Resource/s to and select Submit

Select the Folder you want to move the Resource/s to and select Submit

2.3. The Resources will now be located in the Folder specified

3. Editing a Folder

3.1. On the Resources tab, select the Folder you would like to edit

3.2. Inside that Folder, select Edit Folder

3.3. You have the option to change the Folder Name or the Folder location. When finished, select Save Changes.

3.4. The Folder will be updated with the new Name or location specified

4. Deleting a Folder

4.1. On the Resources tab, select and drill-down into the Folder you want to delete

4.2. Select Delete Folder

Note: Any sub-folders or Resources located in this folder will be deleted, as well. Be sure to move any import items out of the Folder before deleting.

In this example, we are deleting the "Documents" Folder.

4.3. Select OK if you are sure you want to delete this Folder

4.4. The Folder will be deleted and removed from the Resources section

Note: Deleting a folder will delete all the Resources in that folder also. Move Resources out of the folder prior to deleting them if you want to retain them.