How do I find which Resources are missing their own Resource Page?

The CloudStax interface displays a convenient icon with any Resources that have a Resource Page. Any Resource missing one of these icons will not have a Resource Page. You can also export the complete Resource List to view all of the Resources and their Pags.

2. To view within CloudStax

2.1. Click "Grid"

Click into a folder to view the Resources within that specific folder.

2.2. Resources missing a Resource Page will not have a page icon associated with them

3. To view from an export

3.1. Hover over "Export" (1) and click "Complete Resource List" (2)

3.2. Either click "Notify Me" to be informed when the export is ready or click "Download"

3.3. Open the CSV file

3.4. Sort by either "Pages" or "Resources Pages" to view if a Resources has a Page

Pages means it is associated to a Product Page or an additional Resource Page, but is not the main Resource on the Page.

Resource Pages means it is the main Resource associated to the Page.

If the columns are blank than that Resource is not associated to a Page.