What image size (pixels) should I use to build FatStax Pages?

The max width of a Page in FatStax is 690 pixels. This means that all images should be sized with a width of no larger than 690 pixels. Anything larger will extend off the Page.

For a large size image that you want to fill up the full Page, we suggest a width size of 675 pixels. This will allow some margin space on the sides of the image.

For a medium size image, we suggest a width size of 250-350 pixels but it really depends on how you want to layout the page and where to locate the image.

Height of an image isn't too important because the Page will scroll. However, we still suggest keeping the height under 400 pixels for best viewing if you want most of the image to show as soon as the page appears to the user.

Example > Large Size Image (675 pixels)

Example > Medium Size Image

Example > Medium Size Image


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