How do I upload Resources in bulk using a CSV file?

Resources can be uploaded in bulk by using a CSV (spreadsheet type) file. Resources uploaded with a CSV file must already be located on the web and have a URL that links to them. Resources stored on your computer can not be uploaded with a CSV file.

2. Hover over "Export Data" (1) and select "Complete Resource List" (2)

3. Open the spreadsheet and remove all rows excluding row 1. Keep only the following columns listed below.

Folder - determines organization of the Resources section

Display Name - name of the Resource that is seen by end users and customers (this can match the File Name)

File Name - name of the Resource that is used by the administrative team (this can match the Display Name)

SourceURL - location of the Resource on the web

Secure - determines if the Resource can be emailed from the FatStax app

Priority - determines the order in which Resources are downloaded

Keywords - searchable words within the Resources section of the FatStax app

4. Save this file as a template for all Resource imports

5. Populate the fields

The only required field to upload Resources is the "Url" field. However, we still suggest at least filling in the Folder name and Display Name, as well. Otherwise, the Resource will be named as the name from the URL and it will be placed in the Home folder.

Folder - Must have / before each folder name Example: /folder1/folder2

Secure - TRUE: resource cannot be emailed from the app - FALSE: resource can be emailed from the app

Priority - Use the values shown below for your desired Priority
          Do Not Download: -1
          High: 15
          Low: 0
          Normal: 10
          Required: 25

6. Continue to fill in additional Resources then save the file

Save the file as a CSV.

7. In CloudStax, under Resources Tab, hover over "Import" (1) and select "New Import" (2)

In CloudStax, under Resources Tab, select Import Resources via CSV

8. Click "Browse" and select your file (1) and then click "Upload and Process" (2)

Select Choose File, select your csv file, and select open

9. The Resources will be imported into CloudStax under the folder you specified - refresh your screen to see the status of the import

10. Drill down into your folders to check on the Resources. Once processed, they will be available for download in FatStax.