How do I link Resources to Pages using a Catalog Import File?

Linking or associating Resources to Pages is a handy FatStax feature that enables iPad app users to instantly open and send files related to the items or products they are viewing.  This article covers a short cut if you have multiple catalogs you are managing so you can easily duplicate all the associations from one catalog to another.

2. Hover over "Export Data" and select "Download CSV"

Important: If your Download CSV options displays an old time, then the file may be outdated if any changes were made recently. Select "Generate New CSV" to generate and access your current catalog data.

3. Save the CSV file to your computer and open it.

We suggest opening with a compatible CSV software reader. For opening with Microsoft Excel - Please convert the file to a .xls or .xlsx format before opening.

Other CSV readers include:

  • Calc
  • Apple Numbers

For more information on where to find the URL of a Resource, see How do I locate the URL of a Resource? You should use the "Resource File Link".

The Media URL column is used to associate or link Resources to Pages. You can link multiple Resources to a Page by adding multiple URLs separated by a comma. In this example we are linking a Resource to the "FatStax Branding Elements" Page.

5. Once you are finished adding the URL, Save the file, and hover over "Import Data" (1) and select "New Import" (2) from the Pages tab in CloudStax

6. Click "Browse" (1), select the CSV file, click open, and then "Upload and Process" (2)

6. Select Choose File, navigate to and select the recently saved file, and select Open

7. Wait until the file finishes processing. The processing box will turn green when it has successfully completed.

8. Check that the Resource has been linked to the Page

The Resource will appear on the "Resources" tab of the Page, next to the "Details" tab.

1. Select the Pages tab.

2. Drill down into the Categories and select the Page.

3. Select the Resources tab.

9. Publish the new changes to your Catalog in the FatStax App