How do I locate the URL of a Resource in FatStax?

There are two ways to locate the URL of a Resource. This is useful for adding JumpLinks to let users access specific Resources from any page.

1. You can find and view it directly in the CloudStax.

2. You can export the Resources data and view it in a spreadsheet file.

1. URLs via the CloudStax UI

1.2. Select the Resource of the URL you want

Double-click on the icon to open the page or click on the Resource name if viewing from a grid.

1.3. Click "Show Options" within the Sharing section

Highlight this box and copy the URL to use in other places.

The Resource URL will be located in the Resource Link box

2. Getting URLs via the Resource export spreadsheet file

2.2. Hover over "Export" (1) and select "Complete Resource List" (2)

This will provide an entire list of the Resources currently within the Catalog.

2.3. Select "Notify Me" to receive an email when the export is ready or leave the window open until export is generated and click "download"

2.4. The Resource data will export in a CSV file. Save the CSV file to your computer and open it.

We suggest opening with a compatible CSV software reader. For opening with Microsoft Excel - Please convert the file to a .xls or .xlsx format before opening.

Other CSV software readers include:

  • Calc
  • Apple Numbers

2.5. Find the Resource you want under Display Name. (1) The Resource URL is listed in the corresponding PermalinkURL field. (2)

Highlight the URL and copy it.