What are the Resource sharing links and how do I access them?

Every Resource that you upload to your Catalog will have a set of links and URLs that you can access to share and display them. These links can offer a shortcut to access, download, or display HTML for the Resource. We made it easy to copy the HTML code for several different uses and add it to App Pages so you don't have to remember all the tags.

Click on the icon to open the page or the name if viewing as a grid.

3. Click "Show Options" within the Sharing section

The Sharing section is in the lower right side of the Page.

Select Show options under Sharing
The Sharing Links will be revealed. See below for a description of each

A URL of a 400 pixel by 400 pixel thumbnail png image of the Resource Thumbnail. Use to direct to the physical location of the thumbnail image.

Thumbnail Image Link

4.2. Thumbnail Image Code

HTML formatted code of the 400 x 400 pixel thumbnail image of the Resource. Can be placed on Pages to display the image.

Thumbnail Image Code

This is the code that enables users to tap and open a Resource directly from a Page. It is a relative link that only works within the app and is stripped out when emailing the page. The format for including a tappable link on the page is the following:

<a href="/media/18532">Put your text here that you want to show on the page.</a>

Resource Jump Link code

A URL of where the actual Resource file exists. Can be used to download and direct to the actual Resource file.

Resource File Link

HTML formatted code that will link to the actual Resource file. Can be placed on Pages to link and access the Resource file.

HTML Resource Code Hyperlink

4.6. HTML Resource Page Snippet

HTML formatted code that will display a centered thumbnail image of the Resource on a FatStax Page. This is the same code that is used when you select the "Create Resource Page" button. It can be placed on a Page to display a preview or thumbnail of the Resource.

HTML Resource Page Snippet