I see a Resource file associated with a Page but I can't remove it?

Resources can be associated to Categories as well as Pages. If you see a Resource associated to a Page, but the Resource does not have a "Remove" next to the name than the Resource is associated to a Category.

1. At the top of the Page is the breadcrumb where the Page is located

In the example below: "Pages" is the tab where you are located.  "How to Videos" is the top level Category. "CloudStax" is the second level Category. "Resources" is the last Category. "Updating a Resource" is the name of the Page.

2. If you are unsure which Category the Resource is associated - tap on the lowest level Category

In this example, the lowest level is "Resources".

3. Tap on the "Resources" tab

4. If the Resource is not associated to that Category, it will not have the "Remove" next to the Resource name (1) - tap on the next higher level Category

"CloudStax" is the next higher level in the example. (2)

5. Click "Remove" next to the Resource to remove it from the Category and all Pages within the Category