What reports are available within FatStax?

This article outlines the different reports that are available within FatStax.

People Reports

Provides detail on how your team is using FatStax.

Different types:

  • Ranking by Sent Stacks
  • Ranking by Event Type
  • Ranking by Last Event
  • Export Subscriber CSV

Content Reports

Provides detail on what your team is viewing within FatStax.

Different types:

  • Event Summary
  • Emailed Items Detail
  • Ranking by Pages Viewed
  • Ranking by Items Emailed
  • Ranking by Resources Viewed
  • Ranking by Item Popularity

Leads Report

Provides detail on who is receiving emails and Stacks from FatStax.


Events Report

Real time report on what is happening in FatStax.


Stacks Report

Provides detail on what information was sent via a Stack.