What is the function of Keywords on a Resource and how do I add them?

Within the Resource tab on the iPad you can only search for a Resource based on the file name, but Keywords allow your team to search for a Resource using more than just the name. You can add any term that your team may want to search by within the Keywords section and your team will be able to find that document. (Examples: related SKUs, document type, purpose of document...)You can also search using Keywords when working within the Resource section of CloudStax.

Keywords does not allow you to search for Pages that have that Resource associated. Keywords are only used within the Resources tab in the iPad app or CloudStax.

1. Adding Keywords to existing Resources

You can add Keywords to an existing Resource by editing the Resource.

  • Go to the Resource tab
  • Click "Edit" next to the Resource
  • Type in the Keywords in the Keywords box
  • Click "Save"

2. Adding Keywords from a CSV import

If you are uploading Resources via a CSV, you can add Keywords to the file to have them automatically associated to that Resource.

2.1. When preparing your CSV, add a Keywords column

Once you add the Keywords column, populate that field with the necessary Keywords.

Please contact support@fatstax.com if you have questions regarding the CSV file.

When preparing your CSV, add a Keywords column

2.2. Upload the CSV

After you upload the CSV, the Keywords will be associated to that Resource and will be searchable within CloudStax and the iPad in the Resources tab.