How does Auto Sync work when using the Dropbox integration?

The Dropbox integration has a feature that allows for folders and Resources to automatically be updated or synced over every night. You or your team has to update only Dropbox for your Resources to be automatically updated within FatStax!

The feature is turned on during the initial sync of that Dropbox folder or Resource.

While selecting which items to sync to FatStax - select "Auto Sync Selection"

For folders that are selected

If new items or a new folder are added to an auto sync folder

If new Resources or a new folder are added to a folder that has auto sync selected, during the night after they were added to Dropbox, the Resources will be pulled over to the FatStax Resources section.

If new folder - the new folder will be created with all of the associated Resources added to FatStax.

If a Resource is updated within Dropbox

If a Resource has been updated to a newer version and the name of the Resource is the same, the newer version will be synced over to FatStax the night after it was updated.

PDFs and images' custom thumbnails will automatically be updated as well.