How do I mass create Resource Pages?

This article explains how to mass create Resource pages by exporting your Resources and re-importing them as Pages.

1. Go to the Resources tab within CloudStax

2. Hover over "Export Data" and click "Create Resource Pages"

Hover over "Export" and click "Create Resource Pages"

3. Open the export and remove all Resources you do NOT want to have a Resource Page created

The last column shows all of the Resources that already have a Resource Page created.

4. Type in the Categories each Page should be located in column A and column B

To add more than two Category levels - add a new column after Category 2 and name the column Category 3. Continue until all the Category levels are created.

To add a Resource Page to more than one Category - copy the row that contains the Resource and paste it into a blank row. Add in the Categories.

5. Modify the Name column - if desired

The name of the Page will default to the name of the Resource.

6. Save the spreadsheet

7. Go to the Pages tab within CloudStax

8. Hover over "Import" and click "New Import"

Hover over "Import" and click "New Import"

9. Click "Choose File" and select your file - Click "Upload & Process"

Click "Choose File" and select your file - Click "Upload & Process"

10. Refresh the Page to watch the progress of the upload - Green means all Pages were created successfully

Red means something went wrong with the import and an error message will appear. Contact to help determine what occurred.

11. Publish the Catalog Live for your changes to be seen

Stage for testing - this allows only admins to view the changes on their device. Click here for more information regarding the Staged version of the Catalog.

Publish Live - all changes made will be seen by customers.