How do I create a Form?

Only admins can create or edit forms in CloudStax. Once your catalog is enabled for Forms, a tab will show in the top row of selections.

1. Log into CloudStax and click on the "Forms" tab

2. Click "Add a Form" on the left side panel

Click "Add a Form" on the left side panel

3. Populate the Set Up fields

  • Name - the name of the form
  • Admin Notes - these notes are only seen by administrators within CloudStax
  • Form Theme - determines the branding of the form
  • Description - short description of the purpose of the form seen on the iPad
  • Thank you text - text that is shown after a form has been completed and submitted on the iPad
  • Position - the order in which the form is seen on the iPad - 1 would be the first form shown at the top of the list of forms
  • Card image for iPad - image shown within the form card on the iPad

5. Add your questions

View the article "How do I add a new question?" for full steps.

6. Click "Save Changes" when all fields have been added

7. You are taken to the form home screen where you can review your form

8. Once the form is completed - click on the "Forms" tab

9. Click "Publish" and then "Publish Catalog > Publish Live" to push the form to your users