FatStax Messages - An Overview

With the new Messages feature in version 3.3 (iOS), you can communicate directly with your Users by sending a notification inside FatStax. Messages are automatically pushed to FatStax, so that end users will not have to “update their app” to take action.  

In addition, Messages can utilize Apple Notifications so your announcement will also appear on their devices home screen, even if FatStax is closed (requires end users to accept push Notifications from FatStax.)

1. Key Features

With the Messages feature activated, Administrators can:

  • Direct users to newly added content, products, landing pages, and mini-apps inside FatStax

  • Send direct communication to teams globally

  • Schedule Messages for future delivery along with new updates to your apps

  • Create and customize message categories for easy scanning and sorting by end users (with colors and icons)

For your Users:

  • Tap on a link within the Message to directly open content and mini-apps

  • See new Messages with the new bell icon and badge on the upper right
 of the screen
  • Filter Messages by categories such as promotions, announcements, and new items

  • Save Messages for future reference

2. How it Works

To create a new Message, Administrators can access the Messages tab on the Catalog home screen in CloudStax and use the new, easy to use WYSIWYG text editor.  You do not have to know HTML.

You can choose from three types of messages:

  1. Short message (Title and Short Description only)
  2. Short message with Custom Image box 

  3. Detailed full page message for more information
How it Works

3. Getting Started

3.1. To get started, click the Messages tab on the top nav bar from within your catalog.

To get started, click the Messages tab on the top nav bar from within your catalog.

3.2. Click the green New Message button in the upper right corner of the screen.

3.3. From the Message editor, choose your card style option from the "List view style" dropdown menu.

1. List view style - This is how your message card will be displayed.  (with or without an image)

2. Title - This is the main title for your message.

3. Short description - The short description is displayed on the message card and is shown beneath the title.

4. Message category - The message category will give your message a specific icon & color.  Users are also able to filter messages by categories.

5. Publish at - This is the exact time & date your message will be pushed to users. Leave blank to publish immediately.

6. Expires at - This the exact time & date your message will be removed from your users' devices.  Leave blank for no expiration.

7. Image title - The image title is the main title within the image container shown on the message card.

8. Body text - The body text is displayed within the image container on the message card.

9. Image - This is the image that will be displayed on the message card.

10. Detail view - The detail view is used to create a full page message with text, images, and jump links.  (no HTML required)

3.4. Click the green Save Changes button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Click the green Save Changes button in the upper right corner of the screen.

4. FAQ

  1. Is the Message feature enabled for Android devices or the FatStax Sales Portal? Messages will be added to Android devices and FatStax Sales Portal in Q2 of 2017.

  2. Can I attach digital assets directly to the Message? You can only add Jump Links that that will link to the files in the catalog and open them in FatStax.

  3. Can users respond or reply to the Messages? Messages are one-way notifications only from Administrators to End Users. 

  4. Do I need to know HTML to use this feature? No need to know HTML to use this feature. Messages comes with an easy to use WYSIWYG text editor.

  5. Do the Messages ever expire? By default, Messages expire in 90 days. This can be customized by the Administrator in the settings panel.  

  6. What happens to expired Messages? Expired Messages are removed from FatStax automatically.
  7. Can Administrators track which End Users have read the Messages? Administrators will be able to monitor which End Users have read and saved the Messages. 

  8. Are Messages searchable? Messages can be searched based on the subject title and the short description fields.

  9. How can End Users save a Message? End Users can save a message by tapping the “plus” icon on the message card which will convert to a check mark and indicate that it is saved.
  10. How can End Users see which Messages are new? Upon opening the Messages window, the new ones will be in color and at the top of the list. Once viewed, they get moved to the Previous Messages section with gray text. They are still searchable.

  11. Do End Users receive Messages if FatStax is closed on their device? End Users that have enabled Notifications on their device for FatStax will receive Messages in their notification stream. 

  12. Can Administrators remove Messages that have already been sent? Administrators can remove individual messages by deleting them in CloudStax. Once deleted, Messages will be removed from FatStax, even if they have been saved by the End User.

  13. Are Messages synced to FatStax on all devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.)? All messages are synced and saved on any End User FatStax-enabled devices.