FatStax Support SiteFatStax for iOSFatStax for iPad Getting StartedI'm having trouble logging in to the iPad App.

I'm having trouble logging in to the iPad App.

This article reviews some troubleshooting steps for accessing your Catalog within the App on the iPad

Recheck your username and password information from your administrator

Your username is usually your company email address.

Your password is case-sensitive, be sure to type carefully.

Click here for directions on how to reset your password.

Did you download and login in to the right app?

Some company's pay for a custom app that is branded for their specific company. Your company may have chosen to create a custom application.  Your company administrator should know which application to use and can inform you on what to download. You may have multiple apps on your iPad, so make sure you are in the correct one.

Your app may have a different image or have "Catalog" or "Sales" below it if it is a custom version of the app.  Your login credentials are specific to the custom apps. Ensure that you are working with the correct app.

Are you connected the internet?

You need to be connected via WiFi or Cellular network. Test to see if you can receive or send email or open your Safari browser and enter www.google.com to see if you have access.

FatStax will use your data if your are not connected to a WiFi.

When you login, what message do you see?

Below is the standard message when the username and password do not match what is in the system. This could be an input error, your information in the server is incorrect, or not yet set up. Make sure you try to input your username and password carefully to eliminate that as an issue.

When you login, what message do you see?

Do you see a different screen or message? Take a screenshot.

If you are receiving a different message, take a screenshot of what you see and send it to your administrator. Images make it easier to troubleshoot and diagnose your issues.  

To take a screen show, hold the "Home" and "Power" buttons at the same time.

Emailing your iPad Screenshot

Open the "Photos" app on your iPad

Tap onto the screenshot

Tap on the share icon, rectangle with the upward arrow

Tap on the "Mail" app to attach it to an email

Emailing your iPad Screenshot

Contact your FatStax administrator to reset your password

Generally, your administrator will need to check that you are in the system and add you as a user, if that is the issue.

Contact suppport@fatstax.com for any additional support