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How do I login to FatStax and sync my Catalog for the first time?

This article describes the initial login process and syncing a FatStax Catalog. You must be on a reliable WiFi signal for the best results. You need to download the FatStax App first using the instructions from your administrator.

Step 9 shows how to sync more than one Catalog.

1. Open the FatStax App on your iPad

2. Tap the "Settings" button

Tap the "Settings" button

3. Input your username (#1) and password (#2) and then tap "Initialize Account..." (# 3)

Your username is typically your business email address. Your administrator will provide you with an initial default password, which you can later change, if desired.  

4. Ensure your are connected to a strong WiFi signal

FatStax will start downloading your Catalog. If you are not connected to WiFi, FatStax will use your data or will not be able to download your content.

5. The Catalog download will start immediately and show a progress bar until it is finished

Do not close the app or hit "Cancel" for this will stop the download process.

You can cancel anytime during the download by hitting "Cancel".

6. Tap the Offline Status icon for a download update

Keep your app open and do not let your device go to sleep. Plug in your device to charge to ensure the device will not go to sleep. Also, keep your device connected to a strong WiFi signal.

The Offline Assets section indicates the current stage of the download process. Once everything is completed, Resources and Page Images will say completed.


Tap the Offline Status icon

7. Offline Status indicator turns into a green check mark when the app is ready to be taken offline

Once the downloads are complete, your Offline Status icon will appear with a Green Check.

8. Your Catalog is ready to be used!!

9. For Multiple Catalog Users

If you have multiple Catalogs, only one installs automatically with the first login.

Follow the steps below to download additional Catalogs.

9.1. Tap on "Settings"

Tap settings

9.2. Tap "My Catalogs"

Tap My Catalogs

9.3. From Catalog List window, you will see Downloaded Catalogs and Available Catalogs

Downloaded Catalogs are Catalogs you have synced already.

Available Catalogs are Catalogs that you are assigned but not yet synced on your iPad.

From Catalog List window, you will see Downloaded Catalogs and Available Catalogs

9.4. Tap on the name of a Catalog within the Available Catalogs section

Tap on a catalog name within Available Catalogs

9.4.1. Tap "Sync Now"

This starts the sync or download process and you will be able to use this Catalog offline once it downloads.  The Catalog name will move from the Available Catalogs list to Downloaded Catalog list indicating it is loaded onto your iPad. It also makes this the active Catalog for you to start using within the App.

Tap and sync now


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