New Features in FatStax 2.4

FatStax 2.4 offers iOS 8 compatibility, a sleeker design for better navigation, and several performance improvements. Check out the key differences below. We hope you love it.

1. Home Page View Changes

Search, Resources and Settings Buttons have been relocated. See the screenshots below for the map. This frees up more space for sharing information with customers and makes for a sleeker and updated look.

2. Stacks View Changes

To make using Stacks even easier, we put the List of Stack Items on the top and center. You still have all the functionality, but it's available from a single Action Icon. Any editing, adding, emailing you want is available by tapping this icon in the upper-right corner. We also added a Home Icon that will take you back to the Home Page and reload all Categories.

Stacks View Changes

3. The New Home Button

The Home Icon in the top-left is new and gives users a quick shortcut to see all your Categories and your Home Page. This replaces the Categories Button in the previous version. The Home Icon is also on the Stacks Page to help you navigate even faster when working with Stacks.

The New Home Button

4. Performance Improvements

We improved the areas of download speed, search speed, and startup responsiveness.  OK, it might sound boring but it makes the app much more snappy for all you impatient people! Especially with the app being home to so much information, and content is growing all the time, this will help you navigate faster and have less down time.

5. Additional Space for Branding and Page Information

Since we relocated the Search, Resources, and Stack Buttons, you now have more room on every page to share exactly what you need to engage your customers better.  It makes for a cleaner, more updated look when presenting to your customers.

6. New Action Buttons

Action Buttons are Apple's way of making different activities available at a tap under the same icon (the square box with the arrow coming out of the top). We use this familiar image for our Stack page for all the editing and emailing for both Stacks and Bundles.  It's also viewable when you are looking at any of the Resources (PDFs, Office Documents, Images)

New Action Buttons

7. Feedback or Comments

Contact us at with any comments or questions about the new version. We love suggestions too! We hope you enjoy using FatStax 2.4!


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