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  • Updated on: Jul 20, 2017

    How do I download a Resource?

    With FatStax for iPhone, Resources are not automatically downloaded to your device to save space. You have the option to download the files that you need to access offline. There are four ways to download Resources.

    Any Resources that have been downloaded to your phone will be updated anytime you sync a newer version of the Catalog.

  • This article describes how to work with, download, and remove multiple catalogs in the FatStax iPhone app. You must first be assigned multiple catalogs by your administrator withn the CloudStax Content Manager server.

  • This article describes how to reset your password from your iPhone.

    If you reset your password for your iPhone - you have to update your password within the iPad app. Click here for directions on how to change your password within the iPad app.

  • This article describes the initial login process and syncing a FatStax Catalog. You must be on a reliable WiFi signal for the best results. You need to download the FatStax App first using the instructions from your administrator.

  • Updated on: Jul 20, 2017

    What is a Catalog in FatStax?

    A Catalog is a related set of information and Resources (files). It is how FatStax organizes all your company's product information and marketing collateral. Everything that you need to access, whether that is a PowerPoint presentation, PDF, video, or any other document, is stored within your company's Catalog. Each Catalog has a unique name. Only one Catalog can be active at a time within the app. However, you can have access to multiple catalogs and switch between them easily to work with a different set of information.

    Your company may have multiple Catalogs depending on the services and products.

  • Within the Menu section, a red badge will appear next to "My Catalog" when there is a newer version to be downloaded. If you have enabled the app to recieve notifications and alerts, you will see updates within Apple's notifications menu.

    There is also a pop up message informing you that you have a new version of the active catalog available to you. You can dismiss the message or launch the sync from that menu.  That message will show only once per day until the Catalog is synced.

  • Updated on: Jul 20, 2017

    How do I sync a new or updated Catalog?

    This describes the process to sync or update a catalog in FatStax for iPhone.

  • Updated on: Jul 19, 2017

    My app keeps crashing?