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  • Your administrator can set up default subject lines and introductory paragraphs for each catalog. You can personalize it before sending it to a customer by following the simple steps below.

  • When you aren't connected to the internet through either WiFi or a cellular network, your e-mails will not be sent. However, like other emails, they will be queued and sent when you do connect to the internet again. The e-mails will send automatically when you have a WiFi connection. You will not have to go in manually and send each individual e-mail.

    This is very common for field professionals, particularly for events like Trade Shows.

  • When you are viewing a Resource in FatStax, you can also open the file in a different iPad App.

    You must have the app installed on your device and the app must accept the type of file that you are attempting to open. For example, to open a Powerpoint file in a different app, you must have an app installed that accepts Powerpoint files.

  • Updated on: Jul 19, 2017

    How do I email a Page to a customer?

  • FatStax utilizes the Apple iPad e-mail client to send emails. Most likely, it is your office e-mail that is linked through Apple, Outlook, Gmail, or another service.

  • Updated on: Jul 18, 2017

    How do I manage my Resources?

    We want to give users more control over what they can store offline and what they can access from the Cloud. The "Defer Resources" feature enables users to remove individual Resource files but also Defer them from downloading again during Catalog updates.  They are always available from the Cloud, of course.  Users must download everything first and then they can choose to Defer individual files or collections of files. This is so that all the images and links will still work when they want to send those file links to customers.

  • This article describes how to work with, download and remove multiple catalogs in the FatStax iPad app. You must first be assigned multiple catalogs by your administrator in the CloudStax Content Manager server.

  • This article describes removing and deleting a single catalog with all its resources from the app. This is sometimes useful when you want to recover some space on your device or you are having a problem with that specific catalog.

  • With Custom iOS apps on iOS9, you might see a message before installing that the app is from an Untrusted Developer. This simply means that the app is not being downloaded from the Apple App Store. It is, however, safe to for you to download.

    This article details the steps needed to allow for FatStax to become a trusted app on your iPad when using iOS 9.

  • If you no longer want a resource in your catalog or have a resource that didn't download properly, you can either delete or re-sync. Follow the steps below to complete these actions in your catalog.