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Recent Updates

  • In order to access all of your documents and see all of the images, you need to wait until the catalog has completely downloaded. To make sure that everything has been downloaded into your catalog, follow these easy steps.

  • A notification in the top left-hand corner of your catalog indicates that there is an update. There isn't a way to see what specific document(s) were edited or added to the catalog. However, if you want to see if a presentation or PDF has been updated, follow these steps. Remember, you will need to be connected to the Internet to complete the updates.

  • If you have images embedded on your FatStax pages, the app will download each of them so you can see them on the page when you have no internet connection or are offline. The term "assets" refers to the images that display on item-pages throughout your catalog. These images exist somewhere on the Web and can be referenced by a URL. This allows the assets to continue to display once an Internet connection has been lost or turned off on the iPad.

    If the Settings section of the App says that some assets failed, it just means that the the app couldn't retrieve the images from the internet. In most instances, this means that the URL of an image is broken or no longer exists. Sometimes, the images are prevented from being downloaded by where the file is located.

    Please follow these steps to ensure that the Asset Status message is correct.

  • If you can't see your Resources (PDFs, videos, Microsoft Office Documents) when your iPad is offline, they have not downloaded to your iPad yet.

  • Updated on: Jul 18, 2017

    How do I sync or download Resources?

    Resources are sales or marketing collateral files that downloaded to FatStax and available for offline viewing. You must be connected to WiFi in order to download Resource files.  

    When you download a new catalog, Resources automatically start downloading to the app and will continue to download in the background so you can continue working in the app.

    If the download process is interrupted, you can start the process manually by following the steps below.

  • Updated on: Jul 18, 2017

    How do I quickly switch active Catalogs?

  • Due to the popularity of the Big Green Checkmark, we decided to enhance it! Now, by tapping the Offline indicator and tapping Manage, you can go directly to either Settings or the Manage Resources page.  This makes it much more efficient to identify exactly which files are still in the process of downloading.

  • Updated on: Jul 18, 2017

    What is Favorites?

    Favorites allows you to add a Page to a top level Category to quickly locate certain Pages. Add your most populate products/Pages to one Category to send or display them quickly for a customer.

  • There is a notification that will pop-up once a day when there is a newer version of the Catalog available for syncing. From the pop-up, you can either begin the syncing process right away or ignore the notification and sync at a later time.