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Recent Updates

  • When you are viewing a Resource in FatStax, you can open the file in a different app that is downloaded to your device.

    You must have the app installed on your device and the app must accept the type of file that you are attempting to open. For example, to open a Powerpoint file in a different app, you must have an app installed that accepts Powerpoint files.

  • You can send a customer a text that contains information from FatStax. The customer receives a link that directs them to a webpage that contains all of the information sent.

  • Sending an email to a customer that includes information from FatStax is as simple as the tap of a button. Resources sent using the directions below are sent as a link for your customer to view.

    All emails are sent from the default email address on your device.

  • You can narrow down your search to only return results from a Child Category. However, you cannot limit search to a top level Category.

  • Updated on: Aug 03, 2016

    How do I search within a PDF document?

    If a PDF Resource has been downloaded, you can search for specific items within the document.

  • Updated on: Aug 03, 2016

    How do I search for an item in FatStax?

    Searching is fast and simple, even with 1000's of items or pages in your catalog.

  • Updated on: Aug 03, 2016

    How do I navigate the folder breadcrumb?

    For quicker navigation when returning to a higher level Category or to confirm you are in the correct category, there is a breadcrumb at the top of every Page showing the current Category structure.

  • Updated on: Aug 03, 2016

    What is a Page Card or Resource Card?

    A Card is a neat little container for digestible chunks of digital information, like your product information or collateral (Resources). It’s an easy way for you to shuffle through a lot of information in FatStax with the flick of a thumb and enables us to associate these cards in a number of different ways that match your work process.

    Plus, it's easy to see what you can do by interacting with the Action Bar at the bottom of each Card by tapping the icons.

  • Updated on: Aug 03, 2016

    How do I find my Resources?

    Resources can be found within the Menu section. Resources are not automatically downloaded to your device and are not available for offline viewing until specified.

  • Sometimes a downloaded Resource may not be necessary to keep on your device anymore. You can remove any Resource by deferring that Resource. Once a Resource has been deferred, it wil not be downloaded to your device again, unless specified.

    The steps below can be completed while viewing a Resource from a Page or the Resource Library.