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  • Updated on: Aug 03, 2016

    Why can't I view a Resource?

    Resources are not automatically downloaded to your Android device so you can manage the device's memory more effectively. If you can't view or open a Resource on your device, you need to download that Resource. There are two ways to determine if a Resource has been downloaded.

  • Updated on: Aug 03, 2016

    How do I download a Resource?

    FatStax for Android does not automatically download Resources to your device to save space. You have the option to download the files that you need to access offline. There are four ways to download Resources.

    Any Resources that have been downloaded to your device will be updated anytime you sync a newer version of the Catalog.

  • Within the Menu section > Catalog list, a red "Update Available" message will appear under any catalogs that have a newer version to be downloaded.

    There is also a pop up message informing you that you have a new version of the active catalog available to you. You can either dismiss the message or start the sync by tapping "Later" or "Install Now".  That message will show only once per day until the Catalog is synced.

  • This article describes how to work with, download, and remove multiple catalogs in the FatStax Android app. You must first be assigned multiple catalogs by your administrator within the CloudStax Content Manager server.

  • Updated on: Aug 03, 2016

    What is Favorites and how do I use them?

    Favorites allows for an easy way to mark Pages and Resources that you use the most and keep them handy. You can add any Pages or Resources to this section for you to find this information quickly and easily.

    Examples: Price List, Promotions, Presentations

  • Updated on: Aug 03, 2016

    Why can't I see the home page?

    Since the home page image is contained within a Category, the Home page may be collapsed along with the other top level Categories. The home page image contains the name of the Catalog. It can also be identified by not showing a number of subcategories after the name.

  • Updated on: Aug 03, 2016

    How do I return to the Home page?

  • Updated on: Aug 03, 2016

    What is found within the Menu Screen?

    Tapping the Menu icon will open a list of options where you can access your Catalogs, Settings, Resources, or go to the Home Screen.

  • Updated on: Aug 03, 2016

    How do I sync an updated Catalog?

    This describes the process to sync or update a catalog in FatStax for Android.

  • Updated on: Aug 03, 2016

    What is a Catalog in FatStax?

    A Catalog is a related set of information and Resources (files). It is how FatStax organizes all your company's product information and marketing collateral. Everything that you need to access, whether that is a PowerPoint presentation, PDF, video, or any other document that is stored within your company's Catalog. Each Catalog has a unique name. Only one Catalog can be active at a time within the app. However, you can have access to multiple catalogs and switch between them easily to work with different sets of information.

    Your company may have multiple Catalogs depending on the services and products.