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  • This article describes how an administrator exports his teams leads from CloudStax for a specific Catalog.

    Leads include the contact information and specific items emailed from the FatStax iPad App by any individual accessing that Catalog.

  • Any of your catalogs in CloudStax can be copied or cloned to other catalogs. This is fairly common in cases where you may want two very similar catalogs with some slight differences. For example, having one catalog with pricing information and one catalog without.

    In order to do this, you need to have access to both catalogs (source and destination) that you are copying from and to. It's also important to realize that all the content in the destination catalog will be completely removed and replaced with the content from the source catalog. This includes:

    • Pages
    • Resources and their uploaded thumbnails
    • Logo and Retina Display Logo
    • Custom Fields
    • Marketing Concierge Account settings
    • All Email settings
    • All Branding settings
    • All Quicklinks settings

    Please be sure of the catalog you want to copy and replace when performing this feature. Follow these steps to learn how.

  • Pages in FatStax are able to display multiple SKUs for a single Product Name on one Page. A single Page displays a table listing multiple SKUs, Size, and Price for a Product; However, the page will only show descriptive information from one of the products.

    So what happens when the same product name is available in different SKU's and the different SKUs do not have the same descriptive information?

  • This article describes copying a subset of resources from one catalog to another. The source catalog is where the Resources are currently and the Destination Catalog is where these Resources will be copied.

    This feature is really handy if you want to use one catalog as a master catalog and copy new Resources to several other catalogs.

    This article does not cover copying all the contents of a  catalog, just a set of Resource files.

  • Updated on: Jan 08, 2015

    Can FatStax show and loop videos?

    FatStax can show videos that have been downloaded to the iPad. FatStax does not currently have the ability to loop videos for continuous viewing.  

    We have had good success with a free app named LoopVideo for our shows. The link is here. It is very simple to use and seems to be pretty reliable (we only have our own experience to go on). The app will play videos that are in the iPads Photo App or you can connect the iPad to iTunes and drag the video file to the LoopVideo app through that connection. 

    If the video is not too large, we would recommend attaching the video file (not a link) to an email and sending it to email address on that iPad. Open the email on the iPad and download the file. Once you download the file, you can then tap the icon that is named "Save Video".

    Open the Loop Video app and you will see it listed on the left side of the app. Select it and let it play.

  • This article describes how administrators can upload multiple users to a single catalog by importing a csv file. This is handy when you have many new users and do not want add them one-by-one.

  • You can add information about each individual user in FatStax under the Profile fields on the People tab. This is great for enabling you to specify different groups and filters for reporting purposes.

    The FatStax user name/ email address and first and last name are required fields. But you can also specify:

    Company, Region, Department, Position, CIty, State, Country, and Phone number.

  • The Stage catalog is a separate catalog you can download in the FatStax App that mirrors the same content from your account. Instead of choosing "Publish Live" when pushing out new content and updates, you can choose "Stage for Testing". This will send the content from your account to a separate catalog known as the "Stage" catalog. This catalog can be used for testing purposes to review content in the FatStax App before it is released to your Live catalog.

    Access to the Stage catalog is disabled for Admins and Content Managers by default. Follow these steps to learn how to gain access to the Stage catalog.

    Note: Only account Admins and Content Mangers can access the Stage catalog. Normal Users can not.

  • Updated on: Apr 16, 2014

    What is a SKU Item?

    There are two types of Items in that you can display in FatStax - a SKU Item or a non-SKU Item. A SKU Item in FatStax is an Item with a unique identification or product number. Depending on the types of products or services your company offers, you may have identification numbers that uniquely identify your products or Items.

    The FatStax App offers a specific field to input these unique identifiers or "SKUs". They will display on a Page for the Item and provide a way to uniquely interact with this field. For example, the SKU numbers can be specifically searched for to easily identify and view in your catalog. Also, Size and Price information can be added along side the SKU (see the SKU table in the image below).

    SKUs act as a unique identifier in a catalog, so no two SKUs can be the same value. This provides an easy way to update and maintain product information, as well as having a unique identifier when reading analtyics data about App performance.

  • Updated on: Apr 16, 2014

    Organizing Resources with folders

    Resources in CloudStax can be organized and placed into folders and sub-folders, in order to group similar Resources together and locate them easier.

    It's important to realize that the folder structure of Resources in CloudStax is strictly for organizing and working with them in CloudStax and has no effect on the way they display or are categorized in the FatStax iPad App. Folder structure is completely ignored in the FatStax App.

    Follow these steps to learn how to:

    1. Create folders

    2. Assign resources to folders

    3. Edit Folders

    4. Delete folders.