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  • This article describes the Catalog Branding Page and how to add one to FatStax. The Catalog Branding Page is the first page you see when you download a catalog. It's also the page you see when you go from an Item Page back to Categories. Each Catalog can have its own Branding Page so if you have several catalogs you manage, you can try different images.

    You have the option to add an image to this page to enhance the branding appeal of your catalog. The image must be a PNG image with a width of 960 pixels and height of 835 pixels.

  • This article describes how to add a image to the header or footer section of emails when sending emails. You will need to have a physical copy of the image stored on your computer or a URL link to the image on the Web.

    For best practices, please re-size the image on your computer before uploading to CloudStax. It is best to keep the image to a 3:1 width to height ratio. We don't suggest using an image greater than 600px in width or 200px in height.

    changing the html default to go to a link on their web page instead of to the images.