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How do I search for an item in FatStax?

Searching is fast and simple, even with 1000's of items or Pages in your Catalog. You can even select your method of searching with our scope selector.

1. Tap on the Search icon

Open FatStax and tap Search button

2. Tap on the downward carrot to determine your method of searching

3. There are 3 methods of searching: Full Text, Name, and SKU

Search by Full Text - this searches through every word on a FatStax Page. This will return the largest number of results.

Search by Name - this searches through only the FatStax Page names.

Search by SKU - this searches through only the SKUs. This will return the most concise search results. Some Catalogs may not use SKUs.

4. Tap on your search method and type in your search term

Your results will start to narrow after the first character is typed.

5. Tap on the Page to view the content

Tap the item to view its Page