How do I sync an updated Catalog in FatStax?

This describes the process to sync an update catalog in FatStax if you do not sync using the pop-up notification. Click here to learn more about the pop-up notification.

Training Video

1. Tap on the Offline Status circle

Tap the Settings Button

2. Tap the Sync Now text

If the text is red, than there is a newer version of the Catalog available.


Tap the Sync Now text (just below the Catalog List)

3. The Catalog download will show a progress bar.

Please let the Catalog download and install before exiting the app.

You can cancel anytime during the download with no problem and use the Catalog you were using before.

The catalog download will show a progress bar. Once downloaded, it will install.

4. Let the Catalog sync fully before taking it offline

Leave your device on and the FatStax app running while syncing. Plug in your device to charge to ensure that it will not go to sleep.

A strong WiFi connection is needed for a quick sync.

Once a green check mark appears within the Offline Status indicator, the app can be taken offline.

5. The latest version of the Catalog is ready for offline use!